Shakespeare on the Lawn at Salisbury House - A Midsummer Night's Dream. Lorenzo Sandoval, Producer, far right. Margaret Zacharias, far left, second row right. Production Cast Photo.


Destiny Revue

By Margaret Zacharias

Commissioned for the 125th Anniversity Year of Des Moines Women's Club
In Celebration of their Stewardship for Historic Hoyt Sherman Place

Produced and Directed by
Jeanne Hopson, Des Moines Community Playhouse

Byers Gallery, Hoyt Sherman Place 
November 2010


     In January of 2010 I was commissioned by the Des Moines Women's Club to write a script for a dramatic production honoring their 125th Anniversary celebration. 

     This script was to include historic records about the founding of the City of Des Moines, the building of his historic home by city father Hoyt Sherman, and the creation of Des Moines' first art galleries and performance theater by Des Moines Women's Club -- all to be gleaned from 125 years of carefully-preserved archival documents and performed in under 60 minutes. 

      Jeanne Hopson, AATE award-winning Director from the Des Moines Community Playhouse, envisioned the play as a dramatic reading and musical revue that could conjure this entire history.  She wanted to showcase the multiple talents and accommodate the limitations of Club members, most of whom were ladies of considerable age. 

      Popular actors and musicians from Des Moines' professional theater community joined the cast, as a gift of community spirit to recognize the foundational role DMWC has played for 135 years, and continues to play in fostering the vibrant cultural life of a prominent Midwestern city.

     A few photo highlights below, taken at the dress rehearsal just prior to opening in November of 2010, offer a taste of the production.  





Watch out for the



A Play in Five Scenes - From Five Ten-Minute Plays


Written By (in Scene Order)

Joseph Seymour, Dalton Faber, Ben Wonderlin, Kaleb Roberson and Ben Theuma


Directed by 

Margaret Zacharias, Cheri Walsh, and Student Director Katlyn Stein

With Projected Background Scene Slides by Lorna Truck


The Byers Gallery, Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, Iowa

April 10, 2013



Scene Synopsis


Scene One, The Tryouts:   Joe and Josh see a flyer about play tryouts in the school cafeteria. The lead role is a Troublemaker.  They bet, to see who can create the most mischief; and get unexpected results when heir guardian angels interfere with their pranks. Joe and Josh learn to be good sports by providing the Lights on Stage Crew.



Scene Two, The People:  Jim is convinced that his toy cowboy has come to life. His parents don’t believe him, and neither does Bob, his best friend. But when the two young friends set a trap, they catch a live specimen!  It’s Cowboy Cody, a new neighbor who is particularly fond of apples that grow on the tree he climbs to get in. Jim thinks Cody has acting talent and invites him to join the Cast.



Scene Three, The Carpenters:  Andrew asks his best friend Tyler to be his partner in the set-building competition.  When Tyler says he is too busy, Andrew agrees to work with – Colleen. Tyler’s jealousy leads him to do something dishonest.  When Andrew and Colleen are disqualified, the truth must come out.



Scene Four, The Danger Buddies:  Kevin and Kyle discover why it’s called Adventureland when they get sick on the roller coaster, forget their seat belts on the inverter, get stuck on the Ferris wheel, and confess their secrets before they are rescued by the fire department.  What will they do next?


Scene Five, The Battle:  Sarah and Kate become best friends by learning to cooperate at a lemonade and cookie stand.  When Sarah joins the cheerleading squad, Ashley, the head cheerleader, rejects Kate and tries to destroy their friendship.  But Sarah remains loyal; and Kate proves forgiving, when she comes in to save the day at the big cheerleading competition.




We are grateful for the hospitality of Hoyt Sherman Place Theaters

And the opportunity to perform our students' original dramatic work for  Des Moines Women’s Club. 


These talented young people from St. Theresa Middle School are 


Waiting in the Wings  


Watch Them Fly!

Watch Out for 

The Troublemakers!



Card table with four chairs, stage left center; two bar-height director chairs or bar stools set at an angle stage right; two chairs, rear corners stage left and stage right; two chairs stage rear center.  


Card table and two chairs will become a school lunch table, a student desk, a construction table, a lemonade stand; director chairs will become dresser top/toy shelf, judges’ stands, a roller coaster and a ferris wheel.  Rear corner chairs hold stage crew between scene changes.   


Two flashlights set on one director chair for Scene 1 open.  Flashlights removed at end of Scene 1.


Two chairs set at center rear to be pulled forward for Inverter, Scene 4; and pulled back rear for Scene 5.  Other props ready in wings, in scene order, to be picked up by characters or handed to stage as needed.






Scene 1:  The Tryouts                                    

 JOE, a young teen boy

 JOSH, a young teen boy 

WILL, a young teen boy


EDWARD, a guardian angel

 MICHAEL, a guardian angel


MISS ROE, a teacher 

MR. SEYMOUR, a theater director




Scene 2:  The People                                        

 JIM, a young teen boy

BOB, a young teen boy

COWBOY CODY, a mysterious stranger 




Scene 3:  The Carpenters                                

ANDREW, a young teen boy

TYLER, a young teen boy 

COLIN, a young teen boy


JUDGE 1, an adult

JUDGE 2, an adult


LUCAS D., a young teen boy

ALEXANDRIA K., a young teen girl

PETER M., a young teen boy



 Scene 4:  The Buddies   


KEVIN, a young teen boy

KYLE, a young teen boy


FIRE RESCUE 1, an adult

FIRE RESCUE 2, an adult




Scene 5:  The Battle                                           

KATE, a young teen girl  

SARAH, a young teen girl 

ASHLEY, a young teen girl 


CHEERLEADER 1, a young teen girl 

CHEERLEADER 2, a young teen girl 

CHEERLEADER 3, a young teen girl 


DRUMMER, a young teen boy


SARAH’S MOM, an adult woman

JUDGE 1, an adult woman  

JUDGE 2, an adult woman 





  Scene 1:  The Tryouts


 [Enter JOE and JOSH, carrying lunch trays.  Joe’s tray has a flyer and a tack on it.]

 JOE:  Look what I found!

 JOSH:  What is it?

 JOE:  A flyer about play tryouts, right after lunch.

 JOSH:  What’s the play about?

 JOE:  A troublemaker!

 JOSH:  I’ll make you a deal.

 JOE:  A deal about what?

 JOSH:  Whoever can prove he’s the biggest troublemaker –

 JOE:  Gets the part!  Deal!

 (Boys do a high five.)


[Enter EDWARD and MICHAEL, wearing wings.  They stand observing Joe and Josh.]


JOE:  I’m gonna get that part.  Watch!

 JOSH:  Watch what?


EDWARD:  I can stop a troublemaker faster than you can.

 MICHAEL:  Yeah, right.


JOE:  A tack – on the teacher’s chair!

  (Joe puts tack on one chair)


[Enter Miss Roe with tray.]

 (Miss Roe moves toward the lunch table and the chair with tack on it.)


EDWARD:  Watch me! 

(Edward swoops in and picks up tack just as Miss Roe is about to sit down.  Edward drops the tack back onto Joe’s tray.)


MISS ROE:  Joseph, thank you for picking up that tack!

 JOE:  You’re welcome.

 JOSH:  Nice one.

 JOE:  Let’s see you do better.

 JOSH:  I’ll start a food fight at lunch! 

 (Josh drops his tray.)


MICHAEL:  I’ve got it!

 (Michael catches the tray and hands it back to Josh. Joe and Josh sit down with Miss Roe)


[Enter MR. SEYMOUR.  He carries a script and a notebook.]


MR. SEYMOUR:  Who’s ready to try out for the play?

(Mr. Seymour goes to one director chair.  The other director chair holds two flashlights.  

[Enter WILL]   

 (The three boys line up and pass the script back as each pretends to read aloud.)


JOSH:  I think I did pretty good.  How about you?

 JOE:  I did great!

 JOSH:  Who do you think will get the Troublemaker part?

 JOE:  (crosses his fingers behind his back)  You will.

 JOSH:  Really? 


MR.  SEYMOUR:  The Troublemaker will be:  William.

 JOE and JOSH:  Aw-aw-aw!


 (Joe and Josh turn and shake hands with Will.)


MR.  SEYMOUR:  I gave you two the parts that will suit you best.  Here you go.”

(Mr. Seymour hands Joe and Josh each a flashlight.)


JOSH:  Well, I hope the play goes well.

 JOE:  I am bummed that we got stage crew.

 JOSH:  Hey, at least we got a part!

 JOE:  Yeah. They couldn’t it without us!

(Joe and Josh go to stage rear corner chairs.  They point flashlights at ceiling and turn them on.)


MICHAEL:  Well, Edward, we did it!  They’re both good sports!

 EDWARD:  Just the same, we’d better keep an eye on this production.


[Exit Joe, Josh, Michael and Edward]      



Scene 2 – The People


 [Enter COWBOY CODY.  He wears one cowboy hat and carries another.  He crouches down, hides behind director chairs and tucks the hats under the chairs.]

[Enter JIM with backpack.  He sits down at table/desk and unpacks pencils and 2 notebooks  onto the desk.] 

(While Jim is unpacking, Cowboy Cody scurries out from behind the director chairs, sees Jim, and scurries back.)  

 (Jim unpacks cowboy toys and goes over to set them on director chairs.)

 (Cowboy Cody scurries across the floor to hide under card table.)

 (Jim goes back to sit down at card table.)  

 (Cowboy Cody scurries back behind director chairs.)

 [Enter BOB.  He sits down at desk next to Jim.]

 BOB:  How ya doin’ Jim?

 JIM:  Not so well.

 BOB:  Why’s that?

 JIM:  I have a big problem.

 BOB:  What’s your problem?

 JIM:  I’ve been seeing . . . Well, something shaped like my cowboy figures, scurrying around on my 

            bedroom floor.  But when I go over to my dresser, they’re all still there.

 BOB:  Have you told your parents?

 JIM:  Of course.  But my parents say I’m “funny.”  Ha, ha.

 BOB:  They shot you down.  Get it?  Cowboys?

 JIM:  I get it.  Don’t rub it in!

 BOB:  Maybe set out traps?  And bait them?

 JIM:  It sounds stupid, but that might work.  If I catch one eating. . .

 [Exit JIM and BOB]

 [Enter JIM and BOB.   Bob carries a folding mesh pen and Jim carries a bowl of (knitted yarn) apples.]


BOB:  This trap isn’t what I expected.

 JIM:  I got this trap because it was free, and now we can talk to them after we catch them.

 BOB:  Where should I put the trap?

 JIM:  Um. . .Over there, by my dresser.  Where are you going?

 BOB:  Dinner!

  (Jim sets the bowl of apples into the mesh pen and follows Bob out.)

 [Exit Jim and Bob]

 (Cowboy Cody scurries out from behind director chairs, looks at mesh pen with bowl of apples inside.  He tries to reach one, but he can’t.  Finally he climbs into the pen, picks up an apple, tries to get out and can’t).

 [Enter Jim]


JIM:  Bob, Bob, I caught one!

 [Enter Bob]


BOB:  For a long time, I doubted you.

 JIM:  What?

 BOB:  Nothing.  I think we know what to do now.  

 (Cowboy Cody throws an apple at Bob.)

 BOB:  Ow!  It hit me.  Let’s dissect it!  

 JIM:  No!  I want to talk to him.  Alone.

 BOB:  Okay, put him under the light.  But if he doesn’t have answers . . .

 JIM:  I’ll see you later.

 [Exit BOB]


(Jim helps Cowboy Cody out of the mesh pen.  They bring the bowl of apples over to the desk.)

 JIM:  What are you doing, scampering around on my floors?

 COWBOY CODY:  I was just gathering food for my family.

 JIM:  Why, at my house?

 COWBOY CODY:  I like it here!

 JIM:  Don’t you have food at your house?

 COWBOY CODY:  We don’t have an apple tree.

 JIM:  How did you get in my room?  

 COWBOY CODY: I climbed the tree and came in through your window.

 JIM:  I really thought you were one of my toy cowboys! 

COWBOY CODY:  I live down the street.  I just moved here from the West.

 JIM:  Okay.  You’re welcome at my house. 

 COWBOY CODY:   Thanks.

 JIM:  We’re writing a play at school.  Would you like to join us?

 COWBOY CODY:  Howdy, Pardner.   (They shake hands.) 

 (Cowboy Cody picks up his ten gallon hat from under director chairs, puts it on, and hands the other one to Jim.)  

 (Jim puts Indian toys into backpack.  Jim picks up mesh pen.  Cowboy Cody picks up bowl of apples from desk.)  

[Notebooks and pencils stay on the card table for Scene 4.]

[Exit Jim and Cowboy Cody.]


Scene 3 – The Carpenters



[Enter ANDREW, wearing a tool belt and carrying a container of wood blocks.  He sets the container of wood blocks on floor next to card table.]  

 [Enter TYLER]


ANDREW:  Hey, Tyler!

 TYLER:  Hey.

 ANDREW:  You saw the flyer for the K’nex Super Structure contest?

 TYLER:  They’re all over the school!

 ANDREW:  I know we build just for fun, but I think we should enter.

 TYLER:  You know there are pros that can build –

 ANDREW:  That cash prize for the best stage set would help you pay for track and swimming.

 TYLER:  I won’t have time because of track and swimming!

 ANDREW:  Please enter with me?

 TYLER:   Ask me later.  Maybe I’ll change my mind.

 [Exit Tyler]


ANDREW:  If Tyler isn’t enthusiastic, we might as well not enter.  Maybe I’ll just find a new partner.

 [Enter Colin]

 ANDREW:  So, Colin, do you want to enter the K’nex contest with me?

 COLIN:  Sure!  I’ve always wanted to build a stage set.  But aren’t you doing it with Tyler?

 ANDREW:  We had an argument, and he walked off.

 COLIN:  Cool.  I’ll do it!

[Enter Tyler.]


TYLER:  Do what?

COLIN:  Um . . . Nothing!

 (Colin walks away, acts like he’s busy.)

TYLER:  Are you asking him to enter the contest with you?

 ANDREW:  No.  Maybe.  Yes!  I assumed you didn’t want to because of what you said earlier, and –

 TYLER:  See?  This is why I never could stand you!  I’ll just enter the contest by myself, and you two can enter together!

 [Exit Tyler]


[Enter JUDGE 1 and JUDGE 2.  Judge 1 carries certificates.  Judge 2 carries bell.  They sit down in director chairs.]


JUDGE 1:  Attention all contest participants!  Building will begin in ten minutes.  Please prepare your plans.  Any questions, ask now.


(Andrew and Colin sit down at table, pick up notebooks and pencils, and begin to scribble furiously.  They have a question.  They get up and walk over to director chairs to confer with the judges, leaving their notebooks on the table.)


(Tyler sneaks in, looks around to make sure no one is watching him.  He goes to table, erases some of the figures and writes in others).


TYLER:  I’ll change this, and this  – and screw up the dimensions! Ha!


(Tyler sneaks back off stage.)


(Andrew and Colin sit back down, trade notebooks and look over their figures.)


ANDREW:   Look good?  Are there any errors?

 COLIN:  I did find a few places where your work didn’t look right.  But don’t worry, I fixed them.

 ANDREW:  Really?  I double-checked everything.  Oh well, I trust you.


JUDGE 2:  You have 45 minutes to build your model of a stage set.  Time starts in 5-4-3-2-1.

(Judge 2 rings bell.  Andrew and Colin start piling blocks on the table.)


ANDREW:  Ugh!  I can’t get any of these pieces to fit.  Are you sure the changes you made are right?

 COLIN:  Yes, I’m sure!

(Tyler sneaks back in.  From stage rear he watches Andrew and Colin as they struggle.)


ANDREW:  We only have 10 minutes left!

 COLIN:  There’s no way we’ll be able to finish this.  I give up!

 ANDREW:  Colin!

 COLIN:  Sorry!  I’m done.


JUDGE 1:  This is your two-minute warning.  

 JUDGE 2:  Please remember to display your structure on the judging table.


(Andrew and Colin shift their model to one side of the table, drop extra blocks back into container on the floor,  and stand.)


[Enter LUCAS D., ALEXANDRIA K., and PETER M. carrying wood blocks they place in stacks on table.]


JUDGE 1:  10-9-8-7-6-5-


TYLER:  (runs forward)  Wait!  Wait!


(Judge 2 rings bell.)


JUDGE 2:  All builders put down all parts.  The contest is over.  Judging will begin.


TYLER:  (runs up to judges)  You can’t judge today!

 JUDGE 1:  What?  Why not?

 TYLER:  Someone tampered with the contest!

 JUDGE 2:  Someone?

 TYLER:  Someone.  Me.  I changed their figures.  (He points to Andrew and Colin.)

 JUDGE 1:  Why would you do that?

 TYLER:  Because I was jealous.  I build with Andrew all the time.  But I was afraid of the competition, so he asked Colin to be his partner.

 JUDGE 2: If you tampered with their design, Andrew and Colin are disqualified from the competition.

 TYLER:  No!  You can’t do that!  Please, give my friends another chance?

 JUDGE 1:  Sorry.  This competition is over.  And I doubt those boys will be your friends much longer.


(Judges go to table.)


JUDGE 2:  Andrew and Colin, I’m sorry.   Your model has been disqualified.

 (Judges walk around table and return to director chairs.)


JUDGE 1:  Thanks to all the participants who competed in our set design contest.  We see some

                        amazing structures here!


JUDGE 2:  Third place, Lucas D.  Second place, Alexandria K.  First place, Peter M.  Don’t be shy!  Come on up and claim your prizes, winners!

 (Lucas, Alexandria and Peter go up to Judges and receive certificates.)


(Andrew and Colin stand by the table shaking their heads.)


COLIN:  I knew your figures couldn’t be right!

 ANDREW:  It was your changes that ruined everything!

 COLIN:  Your design was so bad, we got disqualified!

 TYLER:  It’s my fault.  I’m the one who ruined everything.  

 COLIN:  What?

 ANDREW:  How?

 TYLER:  I changed the numbers.  I sabotaged your structure.

 ANDREW:  Why would you do that?

 COLIN:  Because Andrew made me his partner?

 TYLER:  Afterwards, I felt guilty. So I confessed to the judges.

 ANDREW:  And they disqualified us!

 COLIN:  Andrew, maybe we should have let Tyler be our partner, once he decided he wanted to join the contest after all.

 ANDREW:  Maybe.  But he’s going to have earn our trust back.  Meanwhile, let’s all go work on our Leaning Tower of Pisa!


(They put the wood blocks back in the container.  Tyler picks ups the container and carries it out.)


[Exit Andrew, Colin and Tyler]

Scene 4 – The Buddies


 [Enter KEVIN and KYLE.  They walk toward director chairs.]

 KEVIN:  You won’t be able to make it on the Dragon, Kyle.

 KYLE:  Yes, I will.  And you won’t.  I’ll get in the roller coaster car first.  (He climbs up.)

KEVIN:  Are you scared of heights?

 KYLE:  No.  Are you?

 KEVIN:  I hate this hill we’re going up right now.

 KYLE:  Just wait until the drop down.  There’s also another part called the loop d’loop.

 KEVIN:  What’s the loop d’loop?

 KYLE:  It’s where we go upside down two times.

 KEVIN:  Oh, great!

 KYLE:  Here comes the drop down!

 KEVIN:  Aaaaaaaaah!  I think I’m going to be sick!

 KYLE:  What?  We haven’t even done the loop d’loop yet.

 KEVIN:  I know!  I hate this roller coaster!

 KYLE:  Here comes the loop d’loop!

 KEVIN:  Hey, Kyle.  You don’t look so good either.

 KYLE:  Yeah!  I hate this roller coaster!

 KEVIN:  At least it’s over now.

 KYLE:  I’m never doing that again.


(Kevin and Kyle climb down from the director chairs.  The go over to two chairs set center stage.) 


KEVIN:  It’s our turn on the Inverter!

 KYLE:  Let’s go.  (They sit down on chairs.)

 KEVIN:  Here we go!

 KYLE:  My favorite part is when we go upside down.

 KEVIN:  Mine, too!

 KYLE:  We’re going upside down right . . .now!


(They turn on their chairs, put legs through back and balance hands on floor ; upside down while they continue to speak their lines.)


KEVIN:  We forgot to put our seat belts on!

 KYLE:  Oh, no!  And the ride has stopped!

 KEVIN:  Are you okay?

 KYLE:  Yeah, but don’t look down.  If we fell, we’d fall like a hundred feet.

 KEVIN:  Just hang on!  And yell for help!

 KYLE:  Help!  Help us!

 KEVIN:  If we don’t survive this, I apologize for punching you in the first grade.

 KYLE:  I’m sorry for stealing $20 from you.

 KEVIN:  You stole $20 from me?  If we do survive this, you owe me $20!

 KYLE:  Hey look!  The fire department’s here to help us!

 KEVIN:  Actually, they’re here to put the ride out, because it’s on fire!

 KYLE:  Help! Help!


[ Enter FIRE RESCUE 1 and FIRE RESCUE 2.  They run in with ladder.)


FIRE RESCUE 1:  Get on the ladder and we will bring you down to safety.

 KEVIN:  Okay!

 KYLE:  Let’s go!


(Kevin moves to ladder.  He slips and is hanging off the edge.)


KEVIN:  Kyle, help me!

 KYLE:  I’ll try to pull you up.

 KEVIN:  I’m slipping!

 KYLE:  Grab my hand!

 KEVIN:  Pull me up!  Please!


FIRE RESCUE 2:  We’re ready to bring the ladder down.  Are both of you securely on the ladder?

 KYLE:  No!  Wait!  I’m trying to pull Kevin up!


(Kevin manages to get back onto the ladder.)


FIRE RESCUE 1:  Don’t look down, hang on, and we’ll bring you down.

 (The boys stand with their feet on the ground.)


KEVIN:  It feels so good to be on the ground again!

 KYLE:  Definitely.


[Exit Fire Rescue 1 and Fire Rescue 2.]


(The boys return to the director chairs and climb up.)


KEVIN:  Don’t you love the ferris wheel?

 KYLE:  Yes.  It’s very calming after the Inverter.

 KEVIN:  What have we done to deserve a day like this?

 KYLE:  I don’t know, but make sure you put your seat belt on this time.   The worst case scenario is 

            that we get stuck up here.  But how likely is that?

 KEVIN:  You had to say it!  Now it’s stopped at the top!

 KYLE:  How much bad luck can a person have?

 KEVIN:  How long are we going to be up here?

 KYLE:  I have no idea.

 KEVIN:  Ugh.  I hate heights!  Hurry up!

 KYLE:  There it goes.  

 KEVIN:  Why do bad things have to happen to good people?


(The boys hop off the director chairs.)


KYLE:  At least we can leave this place.

 KEVIN:  I still want my $20 back.

 KYLE:  How can you remember that?

 KEVIN:  You owe me $20.

 KYLE:  We almost died and all you want is your $20?  Fine!  

(Kyle takes $20 out of his pocket and gives it to Kevin.) 

 KEVIN:  Thank goodness, you’re okay!  I’m really happy I’m okay, too!  

(holds up the $20 bill)  Ice cream?


[Exit Kevin and Kyle]

Scene 5 – The Battle


 [Enter KATE and SARAH.  Kate carries a pitcher.  Sarah carries a plate.]


KATE:  Sarah, I want a lemonade stand because everyone loves lemonade.  (Puts pitcher on table.)

 SARAH:  Well, everyone loves cookies!  So we should do a cookie stand.  (Puts plate on table.)

 KATE:  (pulls her chair to one side of table) I’m going to do a lemonade stand by myself!

 SARAH:  (pulls her chair to other side of table)  Fine.  Then I’m going to do a cookies stand by myself.

 (A line of boy buyers passes stand and each stops at one side or the other.)


KATE:  I’ve sold 50 lemonades.  How about you?

 SARAH:  I’ve sold 51 cookies.  Oh, it’s starting to rain!

 KATE:  Ha!  I have one of these covers, just in case it rains.  But I only have one, for me.  (Puts on rain poncho.)

 SARAH: (stands up)  I’m leaving and I’m not going to be friends with you anymore!  I’m going home!


(Sarah goes to other side of stage and sits moping in director chair)


KATE:  This stinks.  Sarah was my best friend.  Now I can’t have any fun, without Sarah.

 (Kate stands and goes over to Sarah.)


KATE:  Sarah, I’m really sorry for what I’ve said and done.   Would you forgive me?

 SARAH:  (jumps down from director chair)  Why should I?

 KATE:  Because we’ve been friends a long time, and that’s what friends do.

 SARAH:  Well . . . Okay.  Maybe we can do a lemonade and cookie stand!

 KATE:  $1 for lemonade and cookies!

 (They go back to table.  Crowd passes through again.)


SARAH:  We’ve made $100!  That’s the most we’ve ever made!

 KATE:  Split 50-50?

 SARAH:  Done.

 KATE:  Best friends?

 SARAH:  Forever.  (High five.)


[Exit Kate and Sarah]


[Enter SARAH, ASHLEY, CHEERLEADERS 1,2,3, all carrying pom poms.]


SARAH:  I’m so excited to join the cheering team!

 ASHLEY:  Well, you should be!  We’re particular.  Just watch me, and you’ll be fine.


[Enter Kate.]


SARAH: Oh, Hi, Kate!

 KATE:  Hi.

 ASHLEY:  Sarah.  Is this your – friend?

 SARAH:  Yeah!  Best friends forever.  


(Ashley looks over at Cheerleader 1 and gives her a head gesture.  Cheerleaders 1,2,3 take Sarah 

            across the stage to work on cheers.)


ASHLEY:  You’d better not be friends with Sarah.  She’s our Sarah, now.

 KATE:  Well.  She is my best friend.

 ASHLEY:  Just get out of the way, Kate.


(Sarah has heard and comes over.)


SARAH:  Hey!  Stop it, Ashley.  I told you, Kate is my best friend.

 ASHLEY:  Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

 SARAH:  Yes.

 ASHLEY:  Come on, girls!


[Exit Ashley, Cheerleaders 1,2,3]


KATE:  Thanks, Sarah.

 SARAH:  No problem.  I have to go home now, and do my homework.  Do you want to come over later?

 KATE:  Sure.  Thanks!


[Exit Kate.]


[Enter SARAH’S MOM]  (She sits down in director’s chair.)


SARAH:  (goes over to her)  Mom, I have an issue at school.  You know Ashley, right?

 (Mom nods.)

 SARAH:  She’s teasing Kate, something about leaving me alone.  I don’t know what to do.

 MOM:  Maybe you should quit cheerleading, if that’s how they act.

 SARAH:  No, I still like cheerleading.  And it’s just Ashley, not the other girls.

 MOM:   Why don’t you teach Kate some of your routines? Then, if someone gets sick, Kate can help the team.  

 SARAH:  I doubt it.

 MOM:  At least you might feel better, if you share that part of your life with your best friend.


[Enter Kate.]


SARAH:  Hi Kate!  I’m wondering if you want to learn some cheer routines?

 KATE:   Are you allowed to teach me?

 SARAH:  Ashley would hate it.  But she’s just insecure.  Come on!


(Sarah gives pom poms to Kate and teaches her a cheer.)


[Exit Sarah, Kate, and Sarah’s Mom.]


[Enter Kate and Sarah’s Mom.  Sarah’s Mom carries large tote bag.  They sit down at card table in chairs.]


[Enter JUDGES.  They sit down in director chairs.]


[Enter DRUMMER.  He sits in chair at rear of stage.]


JUDGE 1:  Our next team in competition is . . . The Daisy Chain!


[Enter Ashley, Sarah, Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, in uniform]


            (They line up.  Ashley looks down the line.)

 ASHLEY:  Where’s Aurora?


(Sarah’s Mom hands outfit and pom poms to Kate from tote bag.)


CHEERLEADER !:  She has a migraine.

 ASHLEY:  This is a disaster!  We can’t do the pyramid without six!

 SARAH:  What about Kate?

 ASHLEY:  Come on, Sarah!  Kate doesn’t know the routine!

 SARAH:  Yes, she does!  I taught her.


JUDGE 1:  Daisy Chain, are you ready?  One minute warning. 


ASHLEY:  Well, I’m desperate.  But if we win, I'm taking home the trophy!

 (Bell rings.  Drummer beats a cadence.)

 (Kate lines up with the squad.  They do a cheer and finish with a pyramid.)

 (Judges clap and hand Ashley the trophy.)


(All cast members pick up pom poms and line up for curtain call.)


ASHLEY:  We won!  We won!

 CHEERLEADER 2:  If it wasn’t for Kate, we wouldn’t have won.

 CHEERLEADER 3:  Yes, Kate, thanks for coming in at the last minute!

 KATE:  Well, Ashley led the team to victory.  Thanks, Ashley!

 ASHLEY:  (holding up the trophy) Come on everybody, let’s go to my house and celebrate.

 (Five girls turn to go.  Kate starts walking back to Sarah’s Mom.)


ASHLEY:  You, too, Kate.  Come on!


(Cheerleaders line up center.  Entire cast line up on either side.   Do final cheer for Des Moines Women’s Club.)




Bows and Applause.