August, 2010 Updates

Pearl was thrilled to produce her play Panopticon in The Galleries at Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines.  A collage of  short vignettes about love -- Chorus of Roses, The Waiting Room, Cafe D'Amour, and The Dancing Companion (adapted from the short story) was introduced and narrated by Mystic the Keeper.  Directed by award-winning Director Jeanne Hopson, the play opened on February 14, 2007.

In the summer of 2009, Pearl served as coordinator and museum liaison for Salisbury House & Gardens' Shakespeare on the Lawn performance of Much Ado, produced by Reportory Theater of Iowa.  Pearl also serves on the Community Advisory Board of  Iowa Shakespeare Experience.

Pearl's new play, tentatively titled Trolley to the Future, has been commissioned to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Des Moines Womens Club.  Trolley is scheduled to open on the Main Stage of Hoyt Sherman Place on May 4, 2011.

Pearl  has returned to Ireland several times, twice for meetings of the New York Center for Jungian Studies, and twice for visits to religious and spiritual landmarks.   Pearl participates in teleseminars offered by The Jung Center in Houston, and the Asissi Institute in Vermont.  She continues to workshop  her book Good Girls, Wicked women, a Jungian analysis of six women Saints, with scholars around the world. 

Autumn of 2008 began with a tour of Bavaria and Austria, prior to major surgery in December.   Pearl traveled to Ireland with the Jungians in March, 2009, and with pilgrim groups in September 2008 as well as June, 2009 .  She visited Israel in June of 2010, and will be accompanying another group of pilgrims to the Holy Land in November.

An article about Irish Catholic history appears on the Essay page.  A new short story set in Bavaria, and an excerpt from Pearl's historical novel about Irish-Canadian pioneers, in progress, appear on the fiction page.

After serving as guest editor of the Autumn, 2009 issue of Salisbury House & Gardens' Beneath the Rafters; Pearl edited and published Seasons of Feelings, Seasons of Faith, a collection of writings by 4th and 5th graders in one of her Children's Writing Workshops.  Eighteen of Pearl's sixty-two young writers this year were also selected for inclusion in the 2009-2010 Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.

 This group of student writers has been invited to work with Pearl in 2010-2011 to develop a pilot museum curriculum for the Salisbury House Foundation, under the leadership of  Educational Director Leo Landis.  One focus of this project will be how to use museum resources to stimulate young writers in Grades 3-12.

But before Pearl tackles all these new projects -- anniversary play, new curriculum, and her next  international pilgrimage --she'll be off to beloved Maui at the end of September, for a bit of the rest, retreat and re-creation that only Pacific waters can offer. 

Wishing you peace, creativity and continuing growth as this new school year begins,

     Pearl's lead short story "The Dancing Companion" was published in  Ship's Log:  Writings at Sea ,  Eugene, Oregon:  Triple Tree Publishing, 2004.   A new short story "Hawk's Wings" is featured in Lies and Limericks:  Inspirations from Ireland, also from Triple Tree Publishing, 2006.  When twenty-five writers converged on the Emerald Isle, imaginations ran wild!

     Pearl welcomed a crowd to her book signing on Saturday, March 17, 2007 at Barnes and Noble on University Avenue in West Des Moines.  Yes, we celebrated St. Patrick's day with green tea, snacks and glitter.   We might even have glimpsed a leprauchaun!   

     The adventure began May 11, 2006 in Dublin, Ireland, with a new set of Challenges.  Faculty consultants for this workshop included Elizabeth George, Terry Brooks, and Chris Keane.  Editor John Tullius and Publisher Elizabeth Engstrom have created another fascinating anthology of essays, stories and poems.

     Another story written for the Ireland workshop, "The Kiss,"  is  posted on the Fiction page of this website.

     Brisk sales of Ship's Log and Lies and Limericks have benefited not only the Maui Young Writers Scholarship Program, but also the Literature Scholarship Program of the Des Moines Womens Club.

      Pearl has been busy traveling, including a cruise on the Baltic Sea in August and September of 2005, where she was able to visit with young people from the former USSR and East Germany about recent changes in their societies.  Pearl also visited hurricane-ravaged Grand Cayman and Cozumel in February of 2006.  

     Las Vegas for New Year's 2007 with the family was. . .interesting.  Everyone should do it once.  The firewords were magnificant.  The best part was a gondola ride early on New Year's morning while the crowds were still in bed.

      Pearl is a founding member of the  Literary Society of Tucson, a part of the Literary and Prologue Society of the Soutwest.  Writers who have visited with the group include Chris Bojalian, Gail Tsukiyama, and Elizabeth Berg.

      Pearl presented the closing program of the 2005-2006 year at Des Moines Women's Club.  She spoke about "The Short Story:  Women Writers on Women's Lives."  Excerpts from Dorothy Allison's story "Nice," which also appears in Ship's Log, Edith Wharton's "Roman Fever," and Dorothy Parker's "Here We Are" highlighted the defining characteristics of the short story.

     Pearl's on-going projects at Salisbury House and Gardens museum in Des Moines included a gala honoring Nordic Voices a Capella choir from Oslo, Norway in October of 2005; and acting, production, and fundraising for a full-length production of William Shakespeare's  "A Midsummer's Night's Dream," directed by Lorenzo Sandoval, in July, 2006.  Pearl participated in the University of Michigan Residency program seminars with the Royal Shakespeare Company, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, November, 2006. 


Some Updates About Writing Activities:

The end of August and beginning of September brought the annual Maui Writers' Retreat and Conference, with more hard work, bonding with other writers, and useful information about changes in the marketplace.  I had to skip this meeting in 2005. 

      Never again!  Without a doubt, MWC 2006 was the best writing conference ever.  I watched my scriptwriting Retreat  classmates Pitch to America" for Jay Leno on the green, green lawn in front of a sparkling waterfall.  Where else can you meet a Pulitzer prize winner, a Pulitzer nominee, and two Academy Award winning writers in four short days? 

    I confirmed that screenwriters do know things I needed to learn about writing action and dialogue.  My fiction improved from the experience.  Because film is a collaborative medium, everybody knows going in that their work will be adapted by others -- writers, producers, directors, or actors -- eventually.   The oversensitivity to feedback and possessiveness for each word I have sometimes encountered in fiction groups did not exist in this group.  They just keep working to make it better.  Refreshing. 

     I loved it so much that I'll be off to Scriptwriting Expo in LA right after my oldest son's wedding in Ann Arbor.   This one will be a mob scene -- no quiet dinners with the hoi poloi under the Maui stars -- but will undoubtedly keep my learning curve soaring.  

     The Challenge group will gather again in February, for a return to the Caribbean Sea.  Maybe this time we'll see some pirates? 

One More Update, August 2010 --

The Caribbean cruise was wonderful -- especially the Mayan ruins -- but I didn't get to see the pirates until I visited Cabo San Lucas in January of 2010 at the end of a full transit of the Panama Canal.  My workshop on this cruise, with business and self-help publishing legend Sam Horn, continues to bear fruit.

And I have so many great travel notes -- there are just not enough hours in a day to turn them all into stories!  I keep thinking one of these days I won't be able to travel anymore, and THEN . . .I'll get ALL these stories written . . .

You will find a few new pieces posted here on the website.  Enjoy!

     Meanwhile, the toughest part of being a writer is packing up the computer, the printer, and all the peripherals .

That's MY Carry-on Luggage!

Life keeps happening so please come visit again soon!

Blessings to you,