Margaret King Zacharias, aka Pearl, is a writer who has loved the ocean since her childhood summers spent with family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada -- even though she lived most of her school years in America's magnificent Rocky Mountains and the Great Basin Desert. 

She remains a gypsy to this day, splitting her time between three homes:  urban Iowa, the Sonoran Desert, and the east coast of Kauai.


Margaret earned Master's Degrees in education and anthropology and Ph.D in educational psychology on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

She obtained her first job at age thirteen, babysitting for the newborn next door on New Year's Eve for $.25 an hour. This grew into a thriving business with rates ranging up to $.50 an hour for four active children.  Margaret has worked as a dime store clerk, waitress, secretary, and teacher.

Her professional background includes serving as an instructor in Human Development, project researcher, events organizer, video interviewer and faculty development consultant for Northwestern University. 

She's been employed as an international book manufacturing consultant in the publishing industry, as a fashion consultant at an upscale boutique, as an art consultant for a major American gallery, and as a creating writing enrichment artist with the Iowa Arts Council.

In addition to writing stage plays, poetry, fiction, and essays, Margaret creates imaginative free-lance copy for a variety of non-profit organizations.

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